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Mar 7 2019

World Book Day 2019 »

Today is World Book Day and we are celebrating by dressing as characters! This is a photograph of some children from Dunelm Class – how fantastic do they look? Which characters can you spot?

Dunelm Class on World Book Day

Our book fair is on today 3.15-5pm. We hope to see you there!

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May 5 2017

Charitable Services Day at Durham High School for Girls »

Photos from the event:

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Apr 5 2017

Charitable Services Sports Challenge »

Today all of the children in Reception to Year 5 took part in our Charitable Services themed sports challenge.  This was a sponsored event to raise money for a range of Charitable and Voluntary Services in our local area.  Our PE apprentice, Mr Davison, worked with Mr Handy and Ms Wilson to organise this event and it was a fantastic day that was enjoyed by all who took part.  We hope that it will be a successful fundraising venture!  We will ensure that the total raised is posted after the Easter Holiday.

Click here to view Dunelm Class’ photo-video of the event.

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Mar 3 2017

World Book Day »

Thursday 2nd March 2017 was World Book Day.  The staff and children came dressed as some fantastic characters.  We enjoyed a morning of sharing our favourite books and talking about authors.  In the afternoon we changed from our costumes into our PE kits for the Zambia Fun Run!

Elvet Class

Dunelm Class

Some of the staff!


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Jan 21 2017

Swimming Gala Report »


The Gala is a swimming competition for primary schools that’s at Freeman’s Quay.  This was on 11th January 2017 on a Wednesday. That Monday Neville Class went swimming and Mr Handy was choosing some people to go to the Gala.  On Wednesday we went to lunch early and we left at twelve.  We caught the Park and Ride bus and got to Freeman’s Quay.  Then we got changed and went to the swimming pool.

Individual Races

First it was the back stroke Year 5 and 6 girls, then the back stroke Year 5 and 6 boys, then Year 3 and 4 girls and Year 3 and 4 boys.  Then it happened again with breast stroke and free style.  We were in lane 5 in heat one for each event.

Relay Races

In the relay races we were still in lane 5 and there would be 4 people in the relay race, 2 people on one side and the other people on the other side.  One person would slide in and when the man blew the whistle all the number ones in the pool would swim free style to the other end.  The person at the other end would slide in and when the person swimming touches the wall the person who has just slid in would swim free style to the other end and it would go on and on until the 4th person has finished the length.  This race was Year 5 and 6 then Year 3 and 4.


At first all of us were nervous but actually after our first race we all weren’t any more.  “It was actually fun!” Grace announced after her first race.  It turned out that out of 17 schools we were joint 6th.  We can’t wait until next year!


By Andrew, Ava, Gaby and Tatiana


A Note from Mr Handy

I would like to say what a pleasure it was to take these children to the event.  They tried their hardest and, despite their nerves, did extremely well.  Many of the children were third in their races, a few were 2nd and Andrew finished 1st in his race.  Well done to all of you, you were a credit to our school.

The full team for the Gala was:
Y5: Ava, Grace, Tatiana, James, Jonas, Josh, Patrick
Y4: Charlotte B, Gaby, Katie, Andrew, Hector, Tanish.

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Nov 13 2016

Remembrance Day »

All pupils attended a special Remembrance Day assembly and members of Kingsgate Class laid a poppy wreath at the monument.

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Sep 21 2016

Jul 4 2016

School Fair 2016 »

Thank you to all of the Friends of St Oswald’s School and staff for arranging our school fair.  Thank you to EVERYONE who attended.  The total raised is £995.39.

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Jul 4 2016

Message from our neighbourhood policing team »

Durham Neighbourhood Policing Team are carrying out a community engagement exercise (Bear on Tour Roadshow) on Monday 11th July 2016 from 4pm – 5pm with the Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band (Durham Brass 2016) assisting us to deliver key safety messages in St Oswald’s School and also the park (we’ll also be using St Oswald’s Institute if the weather not so good).  This is a very exciting and rare educational opportunity so please do come along and enjoy.


Please see below link for your perusal

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May 27 2016

Bike Day »

We have enjoyed an excellent bike day!

Click here to see Dunelm Class’ Bike Safety Posters

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