Jun 4 2015

Building Work »

Last year, if you recall, our building work was completed in readiness for September 2014. Unfortunately due to funding restrictions, some of the work had to be postponed until further funding was available.

We now have this funding and the following work will now take place:

· A room built next to the library which is to be used as break out teaching space;

· Rendering of the toilet block and replacement of the soffit boards and guttering;

· Replacement of the obsolete hall and library heaters;

· Levelling of the paved area next to the kitchen.

We had envisaged the work to commence in the summer holidays, however, the builders need to proceed now or will not be able to start until September. In view of this I have agreed with the builders that the following procedures will take place:

· Nursery gate and part of the Nursery playground will be cordoned off to enable the work to take place:

· Entrance to Nursery will be via the main school gate for morning and afternoon pick-ups and drop-offs;

· Lunchtime drop-offs and pick-ups will be made via the main school entrance door, where a member of staff will ensure you are greeted;

· No drilling of the foundations will take place until after 3.00 pm (roughly 3 days of work). At this time, Sunshine Club will relocate to a different part of the school in order to avoid the noise;

· The work will end during the second week of the summer holidays;

· Sunshine Club will operate as normal during the holidays but may operate in a different part of the school;

· The building work is mainly external and a full Health & Safety audit has taken place in order to ensure that the children will remain safe during this period;

· The same builders (VEST) are completing the work, so we are assured of a totally professional job with the least disruption to school.

Thank you for your help and support during the period when the building takes place. I am sure those of you who were around when the main school was being remodelled will be able to reassure parents that the whole process was carried out with the least disruption to our children and their families.

Hopefully this should be the final part of the puzzle and our beautiful building will be complete (apart from playground markings which are also due to be replaced).

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any worries or concerns.

Mrs G. Harrison,

Head Teacher

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Jun 13 2014

Our New School Logo »

Dear Parents/Carers,
I am delighted to share with you our final proof of the new school badge. The white version is what it will look like on a white polo shirt and the blue what it will look like on a sweat shirt.
The design is a combination of the Elliot family and the Cann family with some other ideas picked from other applicants e.g. the world in the letter O. The symbolism is as follows:
  • The  characters represent infants, juniors and adults as part of our school family and cultural diversity;
  • The T represents the Cross , showing our commitment as a faith School;
  • The O with a world inside it represents our international dimension with links to countries throughout the world;
  • The Sunshine retains our link with the symbol of sunshine which is an integral part of our School;
  • The colours of red, blue, green and yellow link our school team colours together
I am delighted that all of the applications have helped and inspired us to choose such a beautiful and symbolic school badge.
I would also like to congratulate the following children and their families for their wonderful contributions :
Oliver C.

Each family will receive a £10 book voucher and the 2 winners a £20 voucher.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Claire (Oliver’s mum) who has generously devoted her time to work on the images in order to provide us with a final proof.
The Friends of St Oswald’s have suggested that we obtain the badges in an iron on format which can then be purchased to go on any of the school tops. They have received samples of this idea and it appears to be very effective both for washing and tumble drying.
We fully appreciate the fact that many of our families will still have perfectly good uniform with the old style symbol on it and therefore suggest that this should be used first before new uniform is ordered.
I hope you all like the new badge as much as we do.
Kind regards,
Mrs G. Harrison,
Head Teacher
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May 13 2014

Easter 2014 »

You can view photographs of the Easter gardens and bonnets at

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Apr 21 2014

Admission to Reception September 2014 »

Please see our admissions page for information regarding admissions, appeals and waiting lists.

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Mar 3 2014

Design a Bug Competition »

The entries:

Congratulations to the winners:

Emma in Nursery

Leo in Class 1

Joshua in Class 2

Jack in Class 3

And congratulations to Sofia in nursery for winning the unusual reading place photo competition.

All of the winners have received a £5 voucher to spend at our book fair this week.

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Nov 22 2013

Nursery Creative Baking »

The children in nursery have been trying something new today – creative baking!

The boys and girls in nursery regularly take part in baking and cooking activities led by an adult.  They carefully follow recipes and instructions during these sessions.  Miss Jewell went on an interesting course and wanted to try some creative, independent baking with the children.

Today she set up a ‘baking station’ in the Sunshine room.  She put out a range of ingredients and baking equipment.  Small groups of children were then invited to use the area independently to make a cake.  They used the scales to weigh ingredients of their choosing before mixing them together.  They asked Mrs Hughes, the school cook, to bake their creations in the oven.  The first group made a cherry cake and the second group chose to make a chocolate and marshmallow cake.  Everyone in nursery was given the chance to taste the cakes made.  They decided that they were “yummy” and “delicious”!

Click here to view a video story of the creative baking session.

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Oct 3 2013

Industrial Action 17th October 2013 - letter to parents »

Please click here to read the Headteacher’s letter to parents regarding a day of school closure due to industrial action on 17th October 2013.

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Sep 12 2013

Parent Governor Wanted! »

Dear Parents / Carers,

Due to the term of office of one of our parent Governors ending, we currently have a position available for a Parent Governor.

Parents other than those employed at the school for more than 500 hours per year or who are elected members of the Local Authority (LA) are eligible to stand for election.  This includes:

ð    parents of children attending nursery either full-time or part-time


ð    any person who is not the natural parent but has parental responsibility for or who has care of a pupil registered at the school (Education Act 1996, Section 576)

If you are interested in becoming a Governor please contact school for a nomination form.

Nominees must be proposed by a parent of a pupil registered at the school.

A parent may nominate his/her partner.

The completed and duly signed nomination form should be returned to school by Friday 20th September 2013.

Where the number of nominations is equal to, or fewer than, the places available no ballot will be necessary.  Any remaining vacancies will be appointed by our Governing Body.

Should a ballot be required each parent will be sent a voting form.

When the process has been finalised school will inform the parent body via our email system or in the case of no email being available a letter will be sent.  School and Governor Support Service will write formally to all nominees confirming the outcome of the ballot.



Kind regards,

Mrs. Harrison

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Jul 8 2013

School Admissions for 2014 »

Starting School
Do you have a child who will be 5 on or between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015?
If so, you need to complete an application for a school place so that your child can start school in September 2014.
From 12 September 2013 you can apply online at You will also be able to access a copy of the guide for parents “Primary School Admissions in County Durham 2014/15” which will contain essential information that will help you in making your application.
If you cannot access the Council’s website please contact the School Admissions Team, using the details below, and you will be sent a copy of the guide for parents and an application form.
Please note that the deadline for applications is midnight on 15 January 2014.
The School Admissions and Transport Team.
Telephone 03000 265 897.
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Jul 8 2013

Well done, Andy! »

The children, staff and Governors of St Oswald’s School  would like to congratulate Andy Murray on his historic win at Wimbledon.  They would also like to commend Novak Djokovic on being such a wonderful opponent who accepted defeat with such grace in the spirit of sportsmanship.

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