Working with Parents

We believe that a positive relationship between staff and parents is vital for all pupils, but especially those with Special Educational Needs. We aim to keep parents fully informed of their child’s progress.  Parents are invited to regular parent’s meetings and reviews, but we also offer an open door policy where discussions can take place on a more informal level. All parents are warmly invited to be involved in the life of the school and their children’s education. This includes parent-teacher meetings and class worship.

We value the information parents give us about their child. To ensure this information is easily shared  with the appropriate agencies supporting your child, parents may like to complete “My Story”.  You can view this document here.

Parents are given an information booklet about Special Educational Needs.  You can view this booklet here.

We currently use parent questionnaires to engage with parents and understand their views. This questionnaire has particular questions for parents of children with SEND to answer. Parents and parents are always welcome to speak to school staff regarding any issues they have with regards to the protected characteristics and equality.

We speak to the school council and in pupil voice sessions regarding the children’s opinions specifically regarding bullying.  Please note that our school anti-bullying policy can be found within our policies section here. When identifying targets the child’s views and aspirations are obtained by discussion and observations.

If you would like any independent support or advice about any aspect of your child’s Special Educational Needs please contact:

County Durham Special Educational Needs (SEND) Information Advice and Support Service:

Tel.: 03000 267007  or 03000 267003

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