Values & Ethos Consultation

Dear Parents/Carers,

A few months ago we set up a Working Group to review our school’s ethos and values. This was partly in response to feedback from Ofsted and SIAMS but also because it was an ideal opportunity to make sure our ethos and values are still relevant and meaningful, especially after our school’s recent changes.

Ethos and Values are important because they provide a common sense of purpose and set the culture for the school. They create clear expectations about what we’re striving to achieve, what we do every day and the way in which we want to work together. Research also shows that schools with a strong ethos are likely to have higher levels of performance, engagement and teacher retention.

The ethos of a school starts with a clear definition of the direction, purpose and the beliefs of the school. This is communicated through the School’s:
Vision – why the school exists and what it strives to achieve in the future
Mission – the school’s purpose, what it does every day to achieve its vision
Core Values – key beliefs that guide day to day actions, behaviour and decision making
However, the ethos and values need to be more than words on paper. They need to be brought to life every day – through school policies and practices; teacher, pupil and peer interactions; leadership behaviours; liaison with the local community and other schools. Communication, celebrations and Christian worship are critical in establishing and reinforcing the school’s ethos and values.

All of us – governors, teachers, staff, children and parents – have a role to play in making sure our ethos and values reflect what we believe is important for a school and then, more importantly, make sure we collectively practice what we preach.

The Working Group has been led by one of our parent governors, Amanda Robinson, and has developed a “starter for ten” which was further refined following discussions with a selection of governors, teachers, staff and children. We now want feedback from you our parents/carers and others who have not yet had the opportunity to provide input.

Please take a look at the attached document and, using the questionnaire below, provide your feedback by 22 October 2018. Your input will be used to develop our School’s Vision, Mission and Values statement and will provide key input in helping us develop the school’s ethos and standards of behaviour.

Questionnaire link:

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Kind regards,
Mrs Hassall