Nursery Creative Baking

Nov 22 2013
Posted by: Ms Wilson Categories: Nursery, Sunshine Club

The children in nursery have been trying something new today – creative baking!

The boys and girls in nursery regularly take part in baking and cooking activities led by an adult.  They carefully follow recipes and instructions during these sessions.  Miss Jewell went on an interesting course and wanted to try some creative, independent baking with the children.

Today she set up a ‘baking station’ in the Sunshine room.  She put out a range of ingredients and baking equipment.  Small groups of children were then invited to use the area independently to make a cake.  They used the scales to weigh ingredients of their choosing before mixing them together.  They asked Mrs Hughes, the school cook, to bake their creations in the oven.  The first group made a cherry cake and the second group chose to make a chocolate and marshmallow cake.  Everyone in nursery was given the chance to taste the cakes made.  They decided that they were “yummy” and “delicious”!

Click here to view a video story of the creative baking session.