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Jun 13 2014

Our New School Logo »

Dear Parents/Carers,
I am delighted to share with you our final proof of the new school badge. The white version is what it will look like on a white polo shirt and the blue what it will look like on a sweat shirt.
The design is a combination of the Elliot family and the Cann family with some other ideas picked from other applicants e.g. the world in the letter O. The symbolism is as follows:
  • The  characters represent infants, juniors and adults as part of our school family and cultural diversity;
  • The T represents the Cross , showing our commitment as a faith School;
  • The O with a world inside it represents our international dimension with links to countries throughout the world;
  • The Sunshine retains our link with the symbol of sunshine which is an integral part of our School;
  • The colours of red, blue, green and yellow link our school team colours together
I am delighted that all of the applications have helped and inspired us to choose such a beautiful and symbolic school badge.
I would also like to congratulate the following children and their families for their wonderful contributions :
Oliver C.

Each family will receive a £10 book voucher and the 2 winners a £20 voucher.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Claire (Oliver’s mum) who has generously devoted her time to work on the images in order to provide us with a final proof.
The Friends of St Oswald’s have suggested that we obtain the badges in an iron on format which can then be purchased to go on any of the school tops. They have received samples of this idea and it appears to be very effective both for washing and tumble drying.
We fully appreciate the fact that many of our families will still have perfectly good uniform with the old style symbol on it and therefore suggest that this should be used first before new uniform is ordered.
I hope you all like the new badge as much as we do.
Kind regards,
Mrs G. Harrison,
Head Teacher
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