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Jun 4 2015

Building Work »

Last year, if you recall, our building work was completed in readiness for September 2014. Unfortunately due to funding restrictions, some of the work had to be postponed until further funding was available.

We now have this funding and the following work will now take place:

· A room built next to the library which is to be used as break out teaching space;

· Rendering of the toilet block and replacement of the soffit boards and guttering;

· Replacement of the obsolete hall and library heaters;

· Levelling of the paved area next to the kitchen.

We had envisaged the work to commence in the summer holidays, however, the builders need to proceed now or will not be able to start until September. In view of this I have agreed with the builders that the following procedures will take place:

· Nursery gate and part of the Nursery playground will be cordoned off to enable the work to take place:

· Entrance to Nursery will be via the main school gate for morning and afternoon pick-ups and drop-offs;

· Lunchtime drop-offs and pick-ups will be made via the main school entrance door, where a member of staff will ensure you are greeted;

· No drilling of the foundations will take place until after 3.00 pm (roughly 3 days of work). At this time, Sunshine Club will relocate to a different part of the school in order to avoid the noise;

· The work will end during the second week of the summer holidays;

· Sunshine Club will operate as normal during the holidays but may operate in a different part of the school;

· The building work is mainly external and a full Health & Safety audit has taken place in order to ensure that the children will remain safe during this period;

· The same builders (VEST) are completing the work, so we are assured of a totally professional job with the least disruption to school.

Thank you for your help and support during the period when the building takes place. I am sure those of you who were around when the main school was being remodelled will be able to reassure parents that the whole process was carried out with the least disruption to our children and their families.

Hopefully this should be the final part of the puzzle and our beautiful building will be complete (apart from playground markings which are also due to be replaced).

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any worries or concerns.

Mrs G. Harrison,

Head Teacher

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