Our School Curriculum

Elvet (Reception & Y1) and Dunelm (Y1/2)
2020-21 Reception Year Overview

Early Learning Goals for Reception (Early Adopter school)
Autumn 2020 Y1/2 Overview
Spring 2021 Y1/2 Overview
Summer 2021 Y1/2 Overview

Neville (Y3/4) and Kingsgate (Y4/5)
Autumn 2020 Y3/4/5 Overview
Spring 2021 Y3/4 (Neville) Overview
Spring 2021 Y4/5 (Kingsgate) Overview
Summer 2021 Y3/4 (Neville) Overview
Summer 2021 Y4/5 (Kingsgate) Overview

Bailey (Y6)
Autumn 2020 Y6 Overview
Spring 2021 Y6 Overview
– Summer 2021 Y6 Overview

Phonics Information – At St Oswald’s we use a phonics programme called Sounds-Write. Further information can be found by clicking here.

Reading Scheme Information – Our main reading schemes for Reception and Year 1 are Sounds-Write and Dandelion. These books are fully aligned to our phonics teaching. As children become more confident and capable readers, they choose books from a range of reading schemes such as Collins Big Cat and Pearsons Bug Club before moving on to be free readers able to select books from our class libraries.

Relationship, Sex and Health Education – Our policy can be found by clicking here.

Please contact Mrs Hassall, Headteacher, if you require any further information about our school curriculum.