Key Dates

Term Dates for the 2022/23 Academic Year

First Teaching Day Last Teaching Day
Autumn 1st Half Term Wednesday 7th September 2022 Friday 21st October 2022
Autumn 2nd Half Term Monday 31st October 2022 Tuesday 20th December 2022
Spring 1st Half Term Wednesday 4th January 2023 Friday 17th February 2023
Spring 2nd Half Term Monday 27th February 2023 Thursday 30th March 2023
Summer 1st Half Term Monday 17th April 2023 Friday 26th May 2023
Summer 2nd Half Term Monday 5th June 2023 Thursday 20th July 2023

 Bank Holiday not included in dates above: Monday 1st May 2023.  School is closed on this date.


Regular school attendance is crucial to maximise pupil progress and enjoyment of learning. We take a whole-school approach to securing good attendance, and recognise the impact that our efforts in other areas – such as the curriculum, behaviour standards, bullying, SEND support, pastoral support, and the effective use of resources such as pupil premium – can have on improving pupil attendance.

That national average for pupil attendance is 96% which means on average a child misses approximately 7.5 days of school a year.

What do I need to do if my child needs to be absent from school?

You should contact the school office as early as possible to explain why your child is not in school.

Leave of Absence

All parents can request a ‘leave of absence’ for specific medical appointments (routine check-ups should be made outside of school hours where possible), religious holidays and exceptional circumstance which gives them permission to be absent from school. This should be done at the earliest opportunity. The decision regarding exceptional circumstance is made by the headteacher once they have considered the specific facts and circumstances behind the request. Permission for a holiday during term time will not be approved unless there are genuinely exceptional circumstances.