Staff & Governors

Our School Staff

Headteacher: Mrs A. Hassall
Deputy Head Teacher: Miss B Windsor

Reception and Key Stage 1 Team
Miss G. Preece, Miss B. Windsor, Mrs Ryan

Teaching Assistants: Mrs N. Lang, Mrs S. Terry, Mrs H. Ryall, Miss L. Shaw, Miss R. Hewitt

Key Stage 2 Team
Teachers: Miss J. Hadley, Mr R. Handy, Mrs H. Ribchester, Mrs L. Ryan
Teaching Assistants: Mrs G. Middleton, Mrs L. Ryan, Miss L. Swanston

School Office Team
Office Manager: Mrs L. Wass
Office Assistant: Mrs O. Daglish


Lunchtime Supervisors: Miss R. Hewitt, Mrs S. Colledge, Miss K. Ashdown  Miss L Shaw

Caretaking and Cleaning Team
Caretaker: Mr E. Allen
Cleaner: Mrs D. Prince, Mrs M. Dowd

Catering Team
School Cook: Mrs H. Hughes
Assistant Cooks: Mrs J. Davies, Miss S. Dobin

Governor Led Nursery and Sunshine Club Team
Manager: Mrs L. Donbavand
Deputy Manager: Mrs L. Haswell
Assistant Manager (School SENDCO aide): Mrs C. Laddie                             

2 Year Old Lead: Mr B. Irwin
Setting Administrator: Mrs L. Crinson
Nursery Practitioners: Mrs R. McGraw, Miss B. Miller, Mrs T. Sinclair            2 Year Old Nursery Practitioners: Miss S. Charlton FreemanMiss Miller, Mrs D. White Miss B. Miller

Breakfast Club Assistant: Miss L. Swanston
After-school Assistants: 
Miss R. Hewitt, Miss L. Shaw, Miss K. Ashdown

Our Governing Body

Local Authority Governor: Cllr Richard Ormerod

Foundation Governors: Dr Martin Clarke, Rev. Peter Kashouris, Mr Jacob Knight, Mr David Tait (Chair), Mr Benjamin Westwood (Vice Chair), Dr Jane Weeks and Dr Carrie Armstrong.

Parent Governors: Kate Holland and Amy Tomlinson

Staff Governors: Mrs A. Hassall (Headteacher), Mrs L. Wass (Office Manager)

Associate Governor: Mrs D. Wilson-Smith

Here is a list of the Governing Body Committees and Membership.

Details of terms of office can be found here.

Attendance at Meetings 21-22

Attendance at Meetings 20-21